Home Teams

Purpose of a Missionary Home team:

As a local church we want to be fully committed to reaching and equipping people for Christ without borders.  One of the ways we do this is through partnering together with missionaries who go to reach and equip the nations for Christ.  The primary purpose of the “Missionary Home team” is to glorify God, through caring for and representing the missionaries who partner with NorthRidge church.  

Home Teams:

  • A team of people who are committed to caring for and representing one of the missionaries who partner with NorthRidge, seeking to become true friends and encouragers of our missionary partners
  • The team will be encouraged to meet together once a month
  • We encourage each team member to consider committing to being a part of the home team for at least 2 years 

What do Home Teams do?

1. Prayer – partnering with the missionaries by lifting them up in prayer on a regular basis.

2. Communication – keep in touch with the missionaries on a regular basis. Use whatever form of communication that works best for the missionary (e-mail, Facebook, Skype, phone calls, blogs, etc.)

3. Pre-field /On-field/Post-field care

  • Pre-field Care – assist our missionary partners during the process of leaving to go to the mission field.  
  • On-field Care – seeking to love on our missionary partners while they are on the mission field.  
  • Post-field Care – assist our missionary partners during the process of returning home from the mission field, or when on home assignment.

4. Educate –  seek to get to know the culture and people group that the missionary partner is serving in, as well as what ministry and everyday life is like for the missionary in that culture, helping the congregation develop an understanding of these things as well.

5. Representation – seek to convey the missionary’s needs, prayer requests and updates to the rest of the congregation, as well as updating the missionary on what’s going on at church.

Join a Home Team

Want to join a Missionary home team?  For more information or to join a team please contact Pastor Andrew O’Brien:  Check out the Missionary Partners page to find out about each missionary.